How does Sports Interruption Insurance work?

Sports Refund is NOT health insurance. Think of it as “Season Interruption Insurance.” As the popularity and duration of sports programs increases, so does the likelihood that your athlete will have his or her season interrupted due to illness or injury. This means, after paying money to the program—most of which offer no refunds—your family takes a real financial loss.

That is why we created Sports Refund. It’s a simple and affordable way for individual athletes and athletic programs to offset the impact of an illness or injury that sidelines an athlete for weeks, months, or the entire season.

An Example
Sam Jones’ family pays $2,000 for a soccer program operating from November 1st through February 28th (120 days). Ten days after the season begins, Sam suffers an ankle sprain.

With only 20 days left in the season, Sam returns to play. Even though he missed 90 days (or 75%) of the season, Sam’s family is still obligated to pay $2,000.

But if Sam’s family had Sports Refund – at a cost of about $60–they would receive a check for $1,500, representing 75% of the season’s total fees. Without Sports Refund, a family is still obligated to pay the full $2,000 program fee.

For families with more than one child in sports, having this coverage per child is even more worthwhile.