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Frequently Asked Questions

No physical examination or questionnaire of any kind is required to purchase Sports Refund coverage.

Sports Refund reimburses amateur athletes when illness or injury keeps them off the field, court, or rink. Knowing that they or their families will be compensated for lost playing time, Sports Refund increases the likelihood that even ‘hidden’ injuries are reported, reducing long-term health risks.

Sports Refund coverage is effective as soon as it is purchased.

Sports Refund reimburses athletes and/or their families for the cost of registration fees and any other expenses paid directly to the sports organization.

Unfortunately, Sports Refund cannot cover pre-existing conditions. If, however, an athlete returns to full participation and is re-injured, Sports Refund will cover any further lost playing time.

Currently, Sports Refund is not available in all 50 states – but we are working on it.

Even if you do not know the EXACT amount your program will cost, you can sign up for Sports Refund coverage. Simply estimate the total amount of coverage that you would like and we will calculate your rates based on that value.

That is not a problem – simply provide Sports Refund with your closest estimate of both the season’s start date and end date. Because claims are based on the amount of time lost due to illness or injury, we may verify actual dates prior to paying a claim.

Currently, we limit policies to $10,000 per player per season. If you anticipate requiring even more coverage, please call us at 800-409-4950 and we may be able to help.

Sports Refund will send you a Explanation of Coverage as well as a copy of the Master Policy. 

As the cost of organized youth athletics continues to rise, Sports Refund is one of the most cost-effective ways for families to protect their investment in these sports programs.

Filing a claim is quick and easy. Simply provide an injury description, the date of injury, the date of return to competition (if applicable), and the signature of a medical professional and the team representative.

For season ending injuries, simply complete a claim form and email to:

To keep things simple, for additional claims, you don’t need to do anything while the player is unable to compete. Then, when the player is ready to return to competition, complete a claim form and email to:

Claims calculations are easy to understand and are based on the percentage of time lost multiplied by the total cost of the program.

At SportsRefund, we know that athletes want to compete. For those situations where an athlete may – or may not – return to competition before the end of the season, we allow your athlete to play in the Championship game or playoffs, even if you have filed a season ending claim. Simply contact us at tel:800-409-4950 and we can calculate the amount of insurance you will need to return to SportsRefund.

Most policies are written with a fourteen day exclusionary period (the waiting time before a claim can be paid). That means that an athlete who loses five days would NOT be able to file a claim. If your athlete, team, or organization would like to explore policies with shorter exclusionary periods (or no exclusionary periods at all), contact us at 800-409-4950 to discuss.

No. If a player is out for the remainder of the season, you may file a claim immediately. HOWEVER, in the event that the player’s recovery process is faster than expected (or the season extends longer than originally anticipated), overages need to be repaid prior to the player returning to competition.

SportsRefund coverage must comply with the rules and regulations of each state in which it is sold. To ensure compliance with state regulations, we require third-party confirmation of all claims paid.

The Benefit Waiting Period means that if an athlete is unable to compete for 14 or less days, they will not be eligible for a refund.

If, however, an athlete is unable to compete for 15 or more (calendar) days, they will be reimbursed (on a pro-rata basis) for the portion of the season lost due to their injury, accident or illness.  The calculation for the total number of days lost will begin on the first day that they are unable to compete.

Currently, Sports Refund covers the following sports/activities:

Cross Country
Dance Team
Field Hockey
Football – Flag
Football – Tackle
Ice Hockey
Track & Field

In addition, we are always interested in adding sports and activities. Feel free to email us at with your suggestions.

Sports Refund will refund expenses related to registration fees and/or any other fees paid directly to the athletic organization and/or the designated payee for that organization.

Sports Refund calculates a loss based on the percentage of the season lost due to illness or injury. That percentage is multiplied by the total (covered) expenses for that season to arrive at a loss amount.

There is no minimum age for which Sports Refund coverage applies.

The current maximum age for an athlete to be protected by Sports Refund coverage is 25 years old.

Many of today’s competitive athletes play for multiple organizations, often simultaneously. With Sports Refund, you can purchase multiple policies to be sure that in the event of an illness or injury, you will receive a refund for ALL programs.

Though we completely respect the importance of the health insurance, Sports Refund is NOT health insurance.

Health insurance ensures that in the event of covered illness or injury, you are reimbursed for expenses that you MAY incur at a future date.

Sports Refund, on the other hand, ensures that in the event of most any illness or injury, you are reimbursed for expenses that you have already paid.

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