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USATF, Club, and Travel Cross Country: Shoes are expensive, but registration is more.

Whether USATF, Club, or Travel, cross country can be expensive. Equipment is minimal,  but registration fees and individualized coaching can be costly. Although general athleticism is important, the costs associated with a commitment to the sport can really add up.

USATF, Club, and Travel Cross Country Registration Costs

Registration fees vary widely. A single-season Club, Travel, or USATF cross country registration fee, depending on league level, can easily cost a thousand dollars.

The bad news: If your child picks up an injury or is otherwise unable to play, you are stuck having paid the registration fee. Travel, provided tickets haven’t already been purchased, can be money saved. Gear and shoes will still be available to use when your cross country runner is healthy. However, the registration fee, which is the most expensive cost? That’s gone.

The good news: That doesn’t have to be the case. With cross country registration insurance from Sports Refund, if your athlete can’t compete, you don’t pay. Simple as that.

How Affordable Is Sports Refund?

Registration fees for USATF, Club, and Travel cross country programs can be over a thousand dollars. And, leagues have a strict “No Refunds” policy, meaning that if your cross country athlete gets hurt or can’t compete, you’re stuck having to pay.

Until Sports Refund.

We offer cross country season interruption insurance policies. Our policies cover the registration fees for sports programs and cost less than 5% of the total registration fee, on average. If your child can’t compete, you don’t pay.

Why Do I Need Sport Registration Insurance?

USATF, Club, and Travel sports require commitment from their athletes. The days of children cycling through sports with the calendar are largely gone, and most sports now are year-round schedules–even cross country.

This is having a huge effect on our children. Medical professionals have noted the increase in ‘recurring use’ injuries. Cross country overuse injuries are quite common, and there is a long-term impact that come with early sports specialization. Sports Refund protects you from ever having to balance the money spent against your child’s long-term health. And with our easy sign-up system and low-cost coverage, there are no hurdles to clear. It’s as simple as:

Can’t Compete? Don’t Pay!

What and Who Does Sports Refund Cover?

Sports Refund covers both individual USATF, Club, and Travel cross country runners and teams/groups. Coverage is available for all runners under the age of 26.

How Does Sports Refund Work?

Your Club, Travel, or USATF cross country athlete’s physical well-being is covered by your health insurance. Equipment, should it be stolen or damaged outside of normal wear-and-tear, is probably covered by homeowner’s or renter’s insurance. Even travel costs can be insured.

But the registration fee (which is typically the most expensive costs)? That is virtually always non-refundable. With Sports Refund’s season interruption insurance, however, your family is protected against real financial loss.

All you have to do is sign up. That’s it. No examinations, no long questionnaires.

USATF Cross Country Interruption Insurance: An example

Jack’s family paid $1,000 for an elite travel cross country registration running from June through September (120 days). Ten days into the season, Jack suffers a stress fracture.

With just 20 days left in the cross country season, Jack is ready to lace up his shoes. He has missed 90 days (75%) of the season, but his family has still had to pay the full $1,000 registration fee.

If Jack’s family had Sports Refund season interruption insurance, at a cost of about $50, they would have received a check for $750–75% of the season’s total registration fee.

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Running shoe prices are no competition for registration costs!

Interesting facts

An estimated 5%-10% of youth sports programs provide a refund when a player loses playing time due to injury.

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