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Hockey Players
Season Refund

Protect your registration investment for the season in the case that your child suffers an unforeseen injury or illness. Whether it happens on or off the field, Sports Refund will reimburse you for the time missed.

The waiting period is 14 days. You will be able to file a claim if your injury keeps you out more than 15 days. 

When you are on a payment plan and you need to file a claim for a covered reason, your portion of the already paid fees are reimbursed to you, and the remaining fees due will be paid out to the club directly.

The limit per player per season is $10,000. If you need more coverage, please contact us.

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Event Refund Logo

If you’re hosting a tournament, Sports Refund’s Event Insurance shields you from the unexpected. Protect your revenue or expenses from an event with our “All-Cause” coverage that safeguards against severe weather, venue unavailability and more. Let us take the worry out of your event!

Coverage must be bound 14 days prior to the start of the tournament.

A combination of historical data, kind of perils, and the amount of limit will determine your premium cost. 

If the event is held outdoors, the minimum limit required is $250,000

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Camp Refund

Planning on attending an upcoming camp or clinic? Make sure your fees are protected against an unexpected injury or illness. If a camper can’t attend camp due to illness, injury, or other covered reasons, you can recover up to 100% of your fees. Other valuable coverages included.

Unlike Season Refund, Camp Refund is created to accommodate the shorter length of camps. There is no exclusion period. 

No physical exam is required. However, we do ask that you are in full physical health when purchasing the policy.

The following items are covered but not limited to: Camp registration fee, accommodations, flight, and more.

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Travel Refund Logo

Protect your travel costs including airfare, hotel, car rental and more in the case your child has an unforeseen injury or illness. Other valuable coverages included.

Unlike Season Refund, Travel Refund is created to accommodate tournament travel, and leisure travel. There is no exclusion period.

The following items are covered but not limited to: Registration fees, accommodations, flight, car rental and more.

There is a zero ($0) deductible. What you pay for the policy is all you will pay if filling a claim. Period.

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Season Refund

Season Refund allows for an entire team to be covered. A team policy offers up to 25% savings compared to purchasing individually. You simply roll our registration fee insurance into your program costs. Show parents that the athletes’ well-being is a main priority!

No, we cover for short-term injuries as well. Most policies are written with a 14-Day exclusion period (the waiting time before a claim can be paid). This means that an athlete who loses 5 days would NOT be able to file a claim. However, we do have other options with shorter exclusionary periods, please contact us through the chat.

The cost can be rolled into the registration fee, leaving no cost for the club.

The claims process is quick and easy. You can be reimbursed within 7 days.

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